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Lupita Nyong'o by AlessiaPelonzi

Lupita Nyong'o is one of the most beautiful, brilliant actresses I've had the pleasure to watch as of late. Every time I read or watch ...

2P!England VS Steve - Insanity :12: by Altalia
by Altalia

Iggy's right hand looks a little off- you probably could have gotten away with hiding it- and that same shoulder looks slightly wonky, ...

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deviation in storage by Dan-Heffer

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United States
I write, illustrate/draw, and read in my spare time (What! What is this spare time you speak of?). Currently obsessed with BBC's Sherlock. I also love classic books, fantasy, poetry... the whole gambit.

I take point commissions! Writing for now, though eventually I'll get to art ones, too. So message me, and I'll get back to you! :D

You can find some of my [fanfiction] writing at:…
A friend showed me deviantArt several years ago, probably around the time it was founded. However, I didn't get my own account until the summer before I started collage. I was relatively new to the concept about fandoms, but I didn't join any art groups initially. I actually joined SixWordStories and they were so lovely and gracious to me there (I promise I'll get back into submitting things!) I met SilverInkblot, whose work is featured below, shortly after and began a friendship that has opened my eyes to different kinds of writing. I met some other lovely artists and writers including curlscat, impishtubist, LetsSaveTheUniverseGwydion-chanby-MK, Bilou020285, NPCbot, NinjaUnicorn13, superfizz, ha-liona, celina-tamwood, SayuriMVRomei, goia91, CraZiiCacTuz, and so many others who have taught me so much as well (and whose work is featured here)
Drowning in Reverse II          vii. I still have your phone.
          vi. The boardwalk carnival was shut down a few months later, roped off and boarded up like a condemnation of joy. The Ferris wheel rose high above the skyline, towering in silent reminder. I had to look at it every day on the ride to school. But it still hurt a little less than the pitying glances cast my way when no one thought I was looking.
          v. The funeral was on a beautiful, balmy, sunny day and somehow that made it all the worse. The wind would pick up a little and ruffle your goldspun hair and I could hope, just for a moment, that you were still here. That the hollow thumping in my chest would be solid again. That we could still have a future, a family, a wire terrier puppy with an oversized backyard to play in, that we could have all those things. Together.
  You are not a writer, my loveYou were not born with unheard
songs shimmering out
from the centers of your bones,
nor with words coursing
through your bloodstream, attached to red cells
like oxygen.
Other worlds do not threaten to burst
the edges of your dreams
into daylight, demanding
to be called Reality
and your conscious is so firmly rooted in your
own brain that you are not tortured
with the understanding of situations you aren't in.
No, none of this is yours, dearest.
Instead, you have fireworks
in your synapses,
gears pulling your eyes
open to see things not even Dr. Seuss
could imagine.
You breathe numbers from the air and spit
them back out in another form,
stored in a filing cabinet of a hippocampus
with every periodical you've read, dyslexia twisting
them to something
greater than before.
Your reality is layered with
could be-s and will be-s and should be-s
and big Change-The-World
of those who haven't been born
No, you are not a writer--
you're better.
Pie! by LetsSaveTheUniverse<da:thumb id="340343598"/>DNA the authoress by miscellaneousamateurMarkl's hungry - sumi-e by SayuriMVRomeiLestrade - Request by ha-lionaElementary by Bilou020285Biker Sherlock. by superfizzbowtie = original cool by celina-tamwood
AT -Reflections of you- by goia91The Two Greatest Detectives by SuccubiiArt of the Reasoner - Maroon by NPCbotHappy Birthday gift- DNA by by-MK

DNA Chibi by CraZiiCacTuz 24 Things You Don't Know About Jane Moriarty1. She has always been fascinated with color; how humans see color, the shades of color. Ever since she was little, she remembers going outside and absorbing all of the colors; fixating on them, studying them. She remembers not having a favorite color, because she felt that it wouldn’t be fair to all of the other colors that were just as beautiful to her.
2. She almost always wears gloves to a crime scene, or, at least, has a pair of gloves on her. She knows this bugs Sherlock to no end, and he’s repeatedly asked her why she does it. She tells him that it’s to make Scotland Yard’s job a little easier. She doesn’t tell him that it’s something that gets drilled into you after a certain amount of time.
3. She loves to read, primarily fantasy novels. She reads all the time, when she just needs to get away. She knows that Sherlock and Lestrade give her hell about it (even John puts a word or two in), but she doesn’t mind. Her books have been with he
Bias by bu-koIn Kansas. by PascalCampion

More recently, I met the lovely Resurrectingskies  whom I RP with privately here. I've had so much fun getting to know her and our characters.

This is basically a love letter to you all saying how much I love and appreciate your friendship through the past 4 years. I can't wait to see where the future takes us.
  • Mood: Sentimental
  • Listening to: Lauren King (various covers)
  • Reading: Nothing at the moment
  • Watching: Teen Wolf and Legend of Korra
  • Eating: Knowledge
  • Drinking: Water

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