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You should see him in a crown.
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Lupita Nyong'o is one of the most beautiful, brilliant actresses I've had the pleasure to watch as of late. Every time I read or watch ...

by Altalia

Iggy's right hand looks a little off- you probably could have gotten away with hiding it- and that same shoulder looks slightly wonky, ...

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Happy Cas by DNA-The-Authoress Happy Cas :icondna-the-authoress:DNA-The-Authoress 3 2 Signed piece! by DNA-The-Authoress Signed piece! :icondna-the-authoress:DNA-The-Authoress 1 0 Dragon Scale Makeup Attempt 1, Closeup by DNA-The-Authoress Dragon Scale Makeup Attempt 1, Closeup :icondna-the-authoress:DNA-The-Authoress 4 41 Not a Kiwi by DNA-The-Authoress Not a Kiwi :icondna-the-authoress:DNA-The-Authoress 3 2
WIP: The Letters
I received a letter saying I’d burn alive,
so out of fear I threw it into the fire.
It didn’t burn
and neither did I,
but by sunset the house next door was reduced to ashes.
I received a letter saying I’d drown,
so on instinct I threw it into the bathtub.
It didn’t get wet
and neither did I,
but the river swelled its banks and flooded the valley.
I received a letter saying I’d hang,
so without thinking I bound the letter up.
It slipped through the twine
and I remained untouched,
but the entire jail was marched to the gallows.
Turns out the letters weren’t announcing my death-
they were telling me
:icondna-the-authoress:DNA-The-Authoress 1 4
Happy Birthday! by DNA-The-Authoress Happy Birthday! :icondna-the-authoress:DNA-The-Authoress 5 3 Teen Ren by DNA-The-Authoress Teen Ren :icondna-the-authoress:DNA-The-Authoress 1 0
A piece of advice
Those meant to protect us
:icondna-the-authoress:DNA-The-Authoress 21 35
Lestrade loves the stars.
His father taught him all about them when he was a child. He loves to share his love of the stars with people he cares about, too. He’s taken Sherlock all the way out to the country to see them, but not Iain yet, so one day after work when the young man looks especially run down, Greg takes him aside and tells them man that they’re going on a trip.
Dimmock gives the older man his signature ‘What the hell are you doing? This is so gay’ look, but Greg just ushers him into the cab and gives the driver a slip of paper saying where they’re going and to keep it a surprise for their passenger. The cabbie does as he’s told, and 3 hours later, they end up in a wide, open field.
It’s winter, but it hasn’t snowed yet. Greg’s really hoping for snow. The sky is clear, though, which is okay because it gives them a perfect view of the stars. Greg tells Iain to lie on his back, and after giving him a glare/smirk, Di
:icondna-the-authoress:DNA-The-Authoress 11 12
One Day More
“One day more, huh, doc?” Dimmock wheezed, looking at the charts the doctor had shown him.
“Most likely, yes,” the man said. “I’m sorry. We can’t operate- too dangerous.”
Dimmock chuckled, then coughed. “God, well, thanks, I guess…”
“I really am sorry.”
“Don’t be. This is a lot better than going the way I thought I would.”
“And what’s that?”
The doctor isn’t really sure how to react to that, so he simply nods and leaves. Dimmock sighs and fumbles for his mobile, then calls his sister-in-law. She picks up on the first ring.
“Hi, Iain!” she says, her voice cheery. “I was wondering when you might call. How are you?”
Dimmock swallows, then replies regretfully, “I’m in the hospital, Sandy… I just got shot.”
“Oh my god! Where?! Are you alright now?!”
“Chest… Doc says I probably
:icondna-the-authoress:DNA-The-Authoress 7 29
Burnt Sienna II
Burnt Sienna
feet stride slowly along
a trail of sand that stretches past the horizon,
past suns obscured by occasional eddies of stardust.
The traveler makes it all the way to a sizzling, melting moon
before it sends her sloshing back to earth and
crashing once more into the land where the only noise is heat.
The unfortunate soul spits sand and liquid moon rock from cracked,
clay-covered lips and wishes it tasted more like chocolate
than centuries-old copper.
Searing the soles of the wanderer’s feet,
sand scrapes against blisters long popped,
but she rubs lukewarm poultice to stave off the pain.
The motion conjures recollections of other seemingly failed journeys
into the infinity beyond this.
She doesn’t mind-
it only means she has the opportunity to try another path.
:icondna-the-authoress:DNA-The-Authoress 8 54



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Wouldn't you like to know
United States
I write, illustrate/draw, and read in my spare time (What! What is this spare time you speak of?). Currently obsessed with BBC's Sherlock. I also love classic books, fantasy, poetry... the whole gambit.

I take point commissions! Writing for now, though eventually I'll get to art ones, too. So message me, and I'll get back to you! :D

You can find some of my [fanfiction] writing at:…
DestinyBlue is hosting a giveaway here:  100K Watchers - Friendship Giveaway! (+print sale)100,000. wow. That's a big number, and I know it can be easy to look at the statistics and just see numbers, but each number is a real person, who chose to click watch because they enjoyed my art. It makes me really warm inside, but it got me thinking of what I really value in you guys, it's not the number, it's the person, the interaction, I love to hear your stories, know what connections you feel with my art, get feedback on how you think I could do better, or what you enjoyed in a new piece. The total number is irrelevant if I never get to know any of you. I honestly feel many of you are friends rather than 'watchers' I wish I could give back to each of your what you've given to me, I know that's not possible, but it got me thinking that I could promoto a bit of appreciation between friends round these parts :heart: So I offer:
Friendship Giveaway! Win prints for you and your friend!
 and they're encouraging her followers to spread the love by dedicating the giveaway journal to a friend as well as chose a piece from their gallery that we think our friend would like (if we win, our friend gets the print. More rules in her journal), and immediately by-MK came to mind. So without further ado:

Dear Maria,

You are one of the first people I connected with on dA four years ago. I was going through a lot of changes in my own life, and you were going through some hard times, too. Even though we were (and still are) so far away from each other, we still keep in contact. You are so patient with me even when it takes me a long time to reply to you. You are so kind even though life has been hard, and you show me a different way of looking at things. You have drawn me so many beautiful gifts, and I wasn't even expecting them. Thank you for always sticking by me. You're a great friend and such a beautiful person. I hope that somehow, someday, we can meet. I'd love to see Denmark, or if you ever come to California, I would love to show you the beautiful beaches here. :huggle:

I'm not sure what colors you like, but this piece makes me think of you:
Out of the Woods by DestinyBlue
You have been through so much, but this is my hope for you: that no matter what you go through, no matter how hard life is, that you are always able to make it to the other side and out into the light. And when you're in the dark parts in life, I may not be able to lead you out, but I'll stand beside you as best I can even from across the world. :heart:

There are a lot of pieces in DestinyBlue's gallery that speak to me, and it was hard to narrow it down to just one, but in the end, I choose this one:
Tiger Tiger by DestinyBlue
I've been going through some really stressful things lately (mostly school related), and six people I know have died this past year, which is a record in my own experience. An especially painful loss happened a month ago, and it's still hard to process that my beautiful friend isn't here anymore. This piece reminds me that I am strong, I am resilient, and my life will not always be this hard or this dark. There is goodness in my life now and there is light ahead. And I've got light in me, too, shining out for others to see.

Thanks for this giveaway, DestinyBlue! <3
  • Listening to: Natsukawa Rimi songs
  • Reading: Nothing bc I'm procrastinating on schoolwork
  • Watching: NCIS
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